So I finally sat down to do this, and it was pretty ridiculously hard and still probably incomplete but here are my top 10 favorite albums (minus classics) in no particular order:

1. Them Crooked VulturesThem Crooked Vultures
-if 3 musical masterminds of different rock forms melded into one twisted brain and that brain made an album
2. Streetlight Manifesto/Toh Kay – The Hand(s) that Thieve(s)
-this is sort of an exception, but I’ve never heard albums that compliment each other in this way before. I also find it to be the best representation of who Streetlight is and what they’re capable of.
3. RadioheadIn Rainbows
-stretching the limits of modern music
4. RX BanditsThe Resignation
-crazy detailed mix of rock, ska, and alternative metal that creates a bittersweet farewell album
5. The NationalTrouble Will Find Me
-to put it simply, this is a beautiful heartfelt heart-breaker of an album
6. Grizzly BearShields
-seriously intricate orchestrated album that sounds new with every listen
7. GorillazPlastic Beach
-it was between this and Demon Days, but either way, just…wow.
8. Arcade FireThe Suburbs
-probably my favorite story of an album
9. Arctic MonkeysHumbug
-a violently, graceful shift that leaves you with a haunting aftertaste in your ear holes
10. Tame Impala - Lonerism
-a revitalization of psych rock that took the world by storm

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