1. Rhetorical: a figure of speech in which the speaker expresses or purports to be in doubt about a question.

2. Philosophy: an insoluble contradiction or paradox in a text’s meanings; puzzlement occasioned by the raising of philosophical objections without any proffered solutions.

Etymology: from Ancient Greek ἀπορία, “impasse, difficulty of passing, lack of resources, puzzlement, a state of being at loss”.

[Naoto Hattori]


Tumblr Of The Week: binnorie

This week we have selected a beautifully curated blog for you guys by a fellow Tumblr artist. The Binnorie Tumblr highlights and showcases fine art, illustration and sculpture. The blog is run by Samantha Levin who is also a great artist herself, check out her work here: Her influences include the works of assemblage artists Joseph Cornell and Edward Keinholtz. Her great curating skills reflect her interests and shape her Binnorie blog thus producing one of the most interesting blogs on Tumblr. Visit her site and check out all the fantastic works from so many outstanding artists. 

Artwork by: Lucas de Alcântara

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